About Us

international agricultural produce bilateral trader

Montana Group, a company specializing in international trade of import and export of fresh agricultural produce. Established in 2015, has extensive knowledge in the field of local buying and marketing. We are a young and dynamic team working to innovate and optimize the work process in the field of import and export so that it is suitable for our suppliers and customers.

We believe that in order to succeed in being the best and provide the highest quality produce, we first need to keep our farmers and partners around the world satisfied and this happens thanks to full transparency, sharing, fairness and providing all the tools for success.

You can visit our company offices located in three countries and this is our great advantage: Israel, China and Colombia.

Today the company cooperates with suppliers around the globe and on all continents.

In Montana, we operate according to the highest quality standard, so that the packing houses, the deliveries and the whole procedure are carried out with maximum grammar and full reflection for our customer throughout the process. We believe that in the modern world service is the most important parameter and we work so that all parties, in every transaction and at any given moment, enjoy the journey Our declared goal is long-term cooperation, stability that will allow both our suppliers and our customers to operate continuously and conveniently for them. The Montana Group has repented of its flag to change the face of the entire field, we think differently, act differently and will continue to do so in the future, that’s why we Here.

The Montana company works in cooperation with the leading marketing chains in Israel

The Montana Group is one of the largest companies in Israel marketing avocados and citrus fruit throughout the season in Israel and other countries.

The firm’s services are provided in many languages such as: English, Hebrew, Chinese, Spanish and Italian.

We love what we do and arrive every morning with a big smile with the goal of continuing to create world-wide connections.

We promise to continue to do the best for you,

Montana group.

Montana Group Team

Daniel Lavy

Local Sales Manager

Ben Osher

Import/Export Manager

Offer Prices

Every week we publish prices for our customer to their relevant products


Customer confirm price and placed the order, Montana will immediately act to arrange packing material.

First Inspection

Quality control team by Montana will arrive in the packing warehouse to check that items are in A condition according client request and Montana standard before packing the goods.


We are packing the goods according client request with Montana label.

Final Inspection & Loading

Before loading the truck ,our Quality control team arrives second time to triple check all relevant information : Carton ,Stickers ,Barcodes etc. We are making sure container is on the right Temperature for receive the goods and keep them cold until arrival in client warehouse.


Sending the original documents for customer.


The customer receives the product and updates status report.

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